Get a ready-to-use GraphQL API for your schema
graphql-up is the fastest way to get a free & ready to use GraphQL API.
It works out of the box with Apollo & Relay and supports GraphQL subscriptions.
Watch this 5 minute tutorial to get started
Example Schema
Schema files are written using the GraphQL IDL notation.
This is the quickest way to describe the structure of your data model.
This schema has 2 types:Tweet and User.
A Tweet has 3 fields:id, title and author.
A User has 3 fields:id, name and tweets.
How it works
You only need to provide the schema, graphql-up will create a GraphQL API for you. The actual magic happens on the servers sponsored by Graphcool.
Define your data schema
Get GraphQL endpoint
Connect with your app
# Install with npm
npm install -g graphql-up
# Create GraphQL API using a local schema file
graphql-up instagram.graphql
# Create GraphQL API using a remote schema file
Addto your repositories/docs 📚
You can add a graphql-up badge to your own repositories or docs to give your users a quick way to get their own GraphQL endpoint based on your schema.
Step 1: Paste URL to your schema
Step 2: Copy generated markdown
Frequently Asked Questions
What use cases does graphql-up cover?
graphql-up is ideal for anyone who wants to have a head-start with GraphQL without the hassle of having to do any work on the server. You can use it to quickly spin up a GraphQL backend for mocking data, testing or simply experimenting and playing around with GraphQL. It's also perfect for usage in tutorials, sample projects or documentation.
What does the generated GraphQL API look like?
graphql-up generates two different APIs. The first one is called Simple API and follows best practices of the Graphcool platform. It can be used with any GraphQL client, such as Apollo or Lokka. The second is a Relay API for dedicated use of Relay in the client.
How long can I use the GraphQL API that I created with graphql-up?
Since projects created with graphql-up are not intended for production use, they will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity. If you're looking to build something more sustainable, consider creating a project with Graphcool.
Do I have to create a Graphcool account in order to use graphql-up?
No, graphql-up is available for absolutely everyone interested in GraphQL. You don't have to create an account or leave your email address. Of course, it's also completely free of charge.