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The Graphcool platform is a backend-as-a-service that takes full advantage of the power of GraphQL.


Explore the platform

  • You can create your project's data schema and define different settings like permissions or mutation callbacks in the console.
  • The GraphQL type system allows you to precisely define the shape of your data schema by using models and relations between them.
  • For secure data access, you can use the built-in authentication system that uses temporary or permanent authentication tokens to determine the access level of a given request.
  • If you want to upload and download files in your project, you can use the built-in file management system.


Explore the GraphQL API

Two different client APIs are available:


  • The Relay API is meant to be used in Facebook's GraphQL client Relay and is conforming to the Relay specification.
  • The Simple API offers the same features and is meant to be used by Meteor's GraphQL client Apollo or lokka or even plain HTTP.


You can use both APIs at the same time.


A separate GraphQL file API is available, but you can also work with files using one of the client APIs.


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The Graphcool platform is a backend-as-a-service that leverages the power of GraphQL and AWS Lambda to provide a highly scalable GraphQL backend.

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