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Flexible backend platform combining GraphQL+ AWS Lambda
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Production-ready GraphQL backend in 5 minutes. Implement your business logic with any language. Includes realtime subscriptions, user management, service integrations and more.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Build apps faster.

Stop wasting time writing error-prone database migrations and monitoring log files. Graphcool handles all of that so you can focus on what matters: Building your app.

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Initial Setup

Getting started is easy

Graphcool works with your favorite framework and technology. No SDKs required.

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Design your Data Schema

Create advanced data models with custom fields and relations using GraphQL IDL or the visual Console.

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Features optimized for developer experience

Flexible Data Model

Create and change your data model to fit your needs without breaking your app.

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Real-time Subscriptions

Works out-of-the-box with GraphQL subscriptions for real-time applications.

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Permission Control

There’s no software or infrastructure to manage, so you can get started in minutes.

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Powerful Integrations

Integrates seamlessly with many services like Algolia, Auth0, Stripe or Digits.

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Easy to Extend

Extend your backend and implement your custom logic using any language.

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Apollo & Relay Compatible

Optimized endpoints for every GraphQL client like Apollo and Relay.

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The fastest teams have chosen us

Graphcool makes working with various 3rd party APIs so much easier for us.

Eric, Founder

A backend platform for more than just prototyping

GraphQL and serverless functions enable you to iterate quickly and build scalable applications.

Developer friendly API
Open Standard
Limited API
Datamodel Flexibility
Object Graph
Tree Structure
Object Graph
Expressiveness of Permission System
Query System
Path System
Role System
Role System
External service integrations
Custom Code
Realtime API
GraphQL Subscriptions
Data Binding
Live Queries
GraphQL Subscriptions
Extensibility with custom logic
Any language / technology
Proprietary CloudCode

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