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Error management

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When an error occurs for one of your queries or mutations, the data field of the query response will usually be null and the error code, the error message and further information will be included in the errors field of the response JSON.

#API Errors

An error returned by the API usually indicates that something is not correct with the query or mutation you are trying to send from your client application to the API endpoint.

Try to investigate your input for possible errors related to the error message.

Maybe the syntax of a request is not correct, or you forgot to include a required query argument? Another possibility is that the supplied data could not be found on our servers, so check any provided id if it points to an existing node.

Here is an overview of possible errors that you might encounter:

Code 3000: GraphQLArgumentsException

Code 3001: IdIsInvalid

Code 3002: DataItemDoesNotExist

Code 3003: IdIsMissing

Code 3004: DataItemAlreadyExists

Code 3005: ExtraArguments

Code 3006: InvalidValue

Code 3007: ValueTooLong

Code 3008: InsufficientPermissions

Code 3009: RelationAlreadyFull

Code 3010: UniqueConstraintViolation

Code 3011: NodeDoesNotExist

Code 3012: ItemAlreadyInRelation

Code 3013: NodeNotFoundError

Code 3014: InvalidConnectionArguments

Code 3015: InvalidToken

Code 3016: ProjectNotFound

Code 3018: InvalidSigninData

Code 3019: ReadonlyField

Code 3020: FieldCannotBeNull

Code 3021: CannotCreateUserWhenSignedIn

Code 3022: CannotSignInCredentialsInvalid

Code 3023: CannotSignUpUserWithCredentialsExist

Code 3024: VariablesParsingError

Code 3025: Auth0IdTokenIsInvalid

Code 3026: InvalidFirstArgument

Code 3027: InvalidLastArgument

Code 3028: InvalidSkipArgument

Code 3031: GenericServerlessFunctionError

Code 3032: RelationIsRequired

Code 3033: FilterCannotBeNullOnToManyField

Code 3034: UnhandledFunctionError

For example, when you try to update a post but specify a non-existing id:

Query Variables
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Internal Server Errors

Internal server errors indicate that something went wrong with our service - whoops! Please contact us from the Console (https://console.graph.cool) or via email and include your Request ID so we can help you out and fix the issue.

#Function Errors

Graphcool Functions offer their own error handling concept that allows you to return user-friendly error messages from within a function.

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