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Permission Parameters

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Permissions are described using different parameters.

  • The operation of a permission describes what types of requests it is evaluated for. CRUD operations as derived from a type as well as operations for relations are available:

    • type operations are Read nodes, Create nodes, Update nodes, Delete nodes
    • relation operations are Connect nodes and Disconnect nodes

    Nested mutations, are broken down into multiple isolated operations. A nested mutation might need to pass a Create Type and multiple Update Relation permissions for instance.

  • For most type operations, it's of interest which fields the permission governs while relation permissions can affect connecting, disconnecting or both operations.

    To apply a permission to future fields as well, choose apply to whole type when creating a permission.

  • The audience of a permission describes how the permission relates to the authenticated state of a request. A permission can either be open to EVERYONE or only to AUTHENTICATED users.

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