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The reference contains a complete and detailled technical view on all parts of Graphcool. Understand how everything works from the ground up.

Service Definition

Learn about the Graphcool project structure and configuration format as well as related concepts.

Graphcool CLI

Learn how to manage a Graphcool service using the Graphcool CLI. Every command is documented in detail.


Understand how Graphool abstracts away the database, how to configure your data model and perform schema migrations.


Graphcool generates a CRUD GraphQL API for you. Learn about all features including filtering, pagination and realtime subscriptions.


Learn everything about how serverless functions are used in Graphcool to extend the automatically generated API.


Graphcool offers lots of flexibility around authentication and as well as a powerful authorization system. Read all the details here.


Learn how to deploy your Graphcool service to different environments.

Data Import & Export

Learn about.