It’s so hard to say goodbye! Graphcool will be sunsetted July 1, 2020. Learn more: Graphcool sunset notice


The Graphcool Framework is a self-hosted BaaS to develop serverless GraphQL backends. It offers an opionated backend setup, including GraphQL database mapping, subscriptions and permission system. Simply install Graphcool’s command line tool to get started:

npm install -g graphcool
Get started with Graphcool
  1. Create a new service
    graphcool init hello-world
  2. Open
    in your editor to define your data model
  3. Deploy your service
    graphcool deploy
  4. Open the GraphQL Playground to explore your data
    graphcool playground
Choose your favorite technology
Graphcool is compatible with a variety of technologies and frameworks. Choose your favorite technology and get started with a 5-minute quickstart tutorial.