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#In what programming language is Graphcool implemented?

The core of Graphcool is implemented in Scala and based on the sangria-graphql library.

The frontend tools (Graphcool CLI & Console) are implemented in Typescript.

#Where can I see performance metrics for my backend?

When using the hosted version of Graphcool, performance metrics will be visible in the Console.

#What's the difference between the Graphcool CLI and the graphql-cli?

The Graphcool CLI and the graphql-cli are two independent projects.

  • The Graphcool CLI is used to manage, configure and deploy Graphcool services. So, it's a tool that's specific to the Graphcool Framework.
  • The graphql-cli on the other hand is a general purpose tool that can be used with any GraphQL project. It helps to manage different GraphQL endpoints, download schemas and is flexible to offer more features using the plugin system. You can read more about the ideas behind the graphql-cli here.

Note that you can definitely use both CLIs together as they offer complementary functionality!

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