Introducing Prisma
  • Improved architecture designed for performance and flexibility
  • Completely redesigned GraphQL API
  • Great developer experience using GraphQL Bindings
Managed GraphQL Backend Hosting
High performance and reliable GraphQL backend hosting for developers who would rather spend their time building apps than managing databases.
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GraphQL database with a strong foundation

Graphcool Cloud deploys the core Graphcool technology on your infrastructure or a shared cluster. It is fully managed so you no longer need to worry about database management and operations.
Managed Infrastructure
Let Graphcool manage your infrastructure to optimise performance and reduce overhead.
Team management enables developers to securely collaborate.
Continuous Backup
Graphcool Cloud includes a continuous backup solution with point-in-time restores.
Visualize & Explore
Dive into your data with the powerful data browser.

Flexible deployment options

Run Graphcool on your own cloud infrastructure or get started on the shared cluster.
Shared cluster
Fastest way to get started
Deploy your GraphQL API in seconds
Flexible pricing and hassle-free setup
Great for prototyping & projects
Migrate to your private cluster as you grow
must display:
100 MB Database
100K Requests
100K Function calls
100 max connections
Community Support
No backups
Community cluster configuration
3 global regions
Pay as you go
per service
Function Calls
Max Conn
Email Support
Daily backups & restore
Project cluster configuration
3 global regions
Private Cluster
Runs on your infrastructure
Data isolation and predictable performance
Maximum control & flexibility
Reduce cloud cost & optimize performance
Pin version & easy updates
Automatically apply patches and schedule major upgrades
per cluster
Managed Cluster (99.99% SLA)
Dynamic auto-scaling
Dedicated support & guidance
Continuous backups & restore
Custom cluster configuration
12 global regions
Graphcool Enterprise
Need to run Graphcool on premise or have specific requirements? Schedule a call to discuss your options.
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You’re in good company

Jason Brown
GraphQL is a cool new technology that we are excited about using at LADBible. Graphcool has made this technology more accessible through tooling that creates a really enjoyable developer experience.
Graphcool allows us to experiment and build new services faster than we could before, ensuring that we deliver the best possible experience to our users.
Jared Short
At Trek10, we like to move fast. Whether building projects for a client, or creating new internal tooling, we rely on tools and services to do the heavy lifting, so we can focus on building what makes us, and our clients, great.
Graphcool has come to be a critical part of our tool chain. Instead of building Rest APIs or bespoke-graphql engines, we now use Graphcool. This has reduced the need for documentation and up-front design, and tremendously simplified our development process. Designers and PMs can validate new ideas in isolation that engineering teams can quickly port to the core project when ready. Graphcool has become a standardized recommendation for clients and the default for any internal projects. Our engineering teams appreciate the consistency of GraphQL on the frontend, and absolutely love being able to quickly build backends. Our use so far has shown that Graphcool is able to adapt to almost any use case we have, so we only see our usage of Graphcool growing at Trek10. with the brisk speed of feature releases and attention to our needs we believe that we are in good hands!
What's the difference between Shared and Private Cluster?
On a shared cluster your service is securely deployed on a common pool of infrastructure together with other servies. A private cluster is your own dedicated cloud infrastructure. In either case, Graphcool takes care of scaling the underlying hardware for optimal performance.
Can I deploy multiple services to a shared cluster?
Sure! You can deploy as many services to the shared cluster as you like. You will be charged for usage of each service individually, and the cluster will scale automatically to meet demand.
How are queries counted?
Every query or mutation sent to a Graphcool project will increase the query counter in the current period by one. Queries or mutations might result in the execution of permission queries, which are also counted. Note that a single operation might invoke multiple permission queries, as they are executed on a per-node basis.
How does the pay as you go plan work?
When your project is on the pay as you go plan and it crosses a monthly limit, we will automatically increase the limit for the project for the current month. We will include your increased usage in the next bill, and update you about the limit increase with an email.
Can I cancel any time?
Yes! You can review and change your subscription in the billing settings of your project.
Who owns my data?
You do. No matter if you are running on a shared or private cluster, you retain full ownership of your data. We do not share it with any third party.