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New Regions and Improved Performance

Introducing new global data regions and improved API performance

Introducing the Serverless GraphQL Backend Architecture

Introducing the Serverless GraphQL Backend Architecture

Introducing Functions & Graphcool CLI

Today we are announcing the Graphcool CLI and Functions to extend your GraphQL API and enable better workflows.

Reinventing Authorization: GraphQL Permission Queries

Graphcool is introducing Permission Queries, a declarative authorization mechanism for GraphQL APIs.

Hello, GraphQL Radio

GraphQL Radio is a podcast about the GraphQL ecosystem and community that's published on a regular basis.

Introducing `graphql-up`

Graphcool is introducing graphql-up, a CLI to get a free & ready to use GraphQL API.

Introducing GraphQL Subscriptions

Graphcool now supports building realtime apps with GraphQL Subscriptions.

Announcing Integrations, Team Collaboration and Pricing Updates

Graphcool now integrates with many services like Algolia & Auth and allows you to invite collaborators to your projects.

Improving Performance with Apollo Query Batching

Apollo Query Batching enables better performance for your application by grouping multiple GraphQL queries together on the transport-level.

User authentication in GraphQL with Auth0 & Digits

User authentication is an integral part of applications. The goal is to make it easy for users to sign-in and still enforce security.

Learn Relay with Pokemons

React and Relay synergize well, but getting started with Relay can be tricky. Catch pokemons and learn how to use Facebook's GraphQL client Relay.

Improving DX with Nested Mutations

Nested mutations make common workflows with our GraphQL APIs more efficient and improve developer experience.

Connections, Edges & Nodes in Relay

Relay introduces new concepts on top of GraphQL. Learn more about terms like connections, edges and nodes in Relay and see a pagination example.