We build the only backend you’ll ever need.

We enable frontend developers to build products from scratch without the need to develop their own backend.

We ourselves have built countless backend applications and got tired of reinventing the wheel over and over again.

Developer Experience

Building applications should be intuitive and fun.


Works out-of-the-box with GraphQL subscriptions for real-time applications.


Create and change your data model to fit your needs without breaking your app.

Graphcool is built by developers for developers

We're driven by the vision of improving developer experience building applications.

Our Advisors

We're fortunate to work with great thoughtleaders and industry experts building Graphcool.

Ilya Sukhar

CEO Parse / Matrix Ventures

Lee Byron

Co-Creator of GraphQL (Facebook)

Our Investors

Together with our investors we're working the future of software development.

Adam Wiggins


Christian Bach


Jeremy Yap


We're just getting started...

Rome wasn't built in a day. But we're pretty fast at building.

Jul 2015
GraphQL announced
Jan 2016
First Prototype
Sep 2016
Developer Preview
Dec 2016
Pre-Seed Investment

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